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"A blind match"?

The perfect match may seem utopian, but based on professional advice, you often arrive at a great deal. The right match between coach, coachee and approach is a prerequisite for success in a growth process.

The right coach helps you grow intensely, just where you or your team needs it. Whatever you want to achieve or whatever your plans or objectives are, a wide range of experienced coaches with specific experience in various fields is ready for you. There is always a perfect match for your profile, concrete question or situation.

Since it is of vital importance that there is a certain connection between both, we make an analysis of the situation, your exact question and personal factors before starting the coaching process: the guarantee of a perfect match.

The offer

Please take a look at our offer of individual and team coachings tailored to your organisation. All coaching activities can be organised at our premises, at your premises or even digitally, whatever suits you best.


Gaining clarity on what you like to do, what you are good at, what you want to achieve, is a smart plan. Do you recognise yourself in the following situations... then the solution is right at hand.

It would be beneficial to be able to discuss your career with an objective person. Perhaps you are ready for something new, but the direction is not yet clear. You would like to have a better view on your strengths, deeper interests and how you can use them on the labour market. The grass sometimes seems greener in other jobs, but is that really the case? An in-depth conversation with a professional usually provides a lot of clarification.

It is often lonely at the top, yet you would also like to check your growth and orientation questions with someone in depth. That is possible, we have fine people who are experienced in Executive Coaching. They will be happy to help you with your individual challenges or predetermined results. Moreover, they fully understand your situation and are happy to accompany you in all discretion.

Our coaches have extensive experience in the area of competence growth. Do you want to work on something specific? Do you want to grow in certain capacities? Top. Tell us what is on your mind. We will help you develop in the way that suits you best.

Allow our experienced business coaches with lots of practical experience to assist you. We gladly work out a customised path so that you can shine as a manager in the way that suits you best.

If you' re thinking 'yes, that's it'... Contact us, we are here to help you. An e-mail, a phone call... no matter what, we will both benefit from it.


Do you need coaching for your company in the context of certain objectives or challenges? A team that could use some support in working together? Whether your team consists of experts, executives or even your Board of Directors, our coaches will be happy to assist you.

Ask for our experience, cases and examples. An external coach can often achieve what you have in mind more easily than you can yourself.


Does your organisation need an in-house coach? Are you looking for more extensive (online) coaching? Need to organise this for a few colleagues on site on an "on-call" basis on well-defined days? Then a Coaching Subscription would be the perfect formula for you! You buy a fixed number of coaching sessions at an attractive rate and decide for yourself how to organise them. Via Evolutips, you will immediately receive customised individual development tips.

Would you like more information? Contact us. A personal growth coach often brings about a complete turnaround in your organisational culture.

IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO… has a strong team of professional coaches. They meet strict quality requirements and are extensively screened so that we only work with trained, experienced and passionate coaches. All coaches have a solid certification and at least five years of proven professional experience.

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